• Cetak Kartu Ucapan Surabaya
  • Cetak Kartu Ucapan Surabaya
  • Cetak Kartu Ucapan Surabaya
  • Cetak Kartu Ucapan Surabaya

Services Description Greeting Card Printing In Surabaya

Convey your appreciation to clients and customers with a greeting card. Print greeting cards according to your tastes and desires only at XL Media Printing. Greeting cards are generally given for certain celebrations or expressions of events. Holidays that mostly use greeting cards are Eid, Christmas, Vesak, New Year and Chinese New Year. In addition, greeting cards are also given to commemorate company birthdays, congratulations, thanksgiving for birth or achievement, and forms of appreciation.

It is important to know that greeting cards can be printed with a variety of materials and sizes to suit the conditions and time of delivery. Material for standard greeting cards is Art Carton 210, 250, 260 and 310 gsm, and BW 250 gsm. While materials for premium greeting cards are 270 gsm splendor, fancy via bright white linen 298 gsm, via felt 298 gsm, everyday smooth bright, fancy eggshell mohawk 270 gsm, snow constellation, raster, and via satin. The open size of greeting cards also varies from A4, A5, A6, A7, and other square sizes. Greeting cards can be printed 1 side or 2 sides with matte, glossy lamination, or without lamination. In general, greeting cards do fold 2 with openings up or to the side, but can also be made without folds for a simpler impression. Finishing that can be chosen also varies from polly, embossed, and debossed.

So don't hesitate to choose XL Media Printing as a partner for your business promotion services.

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