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If you are accustomed to being on the road, you must be familiar with billboards or billboards. Billboards are often used by big brands as a reminder or reminding media. Its function will be very visible if a brand also promotes through print and electronic media.

What's more billboards displayed 24 hours and placed in strategic locations. Do you know if a survey from the Brand and Marketing Institute says that the promotion of billboards is seen at 81% in Jabodetabek. It's natural to remember the traffic jams so motorists see billboard advertisements that are usually used as product info or events.

However, billboards or billboards can not only be used by big brands. Billboards are also often used outside the company building for promotional materials. The size of billboards does vary. Usually measuring 4x8 m, 5x10 m, 5x12 m, or 8x16 m.

Create your billboard or billboard in XL Media which has been widely used by large companies to promote products, events, or brand images with flexy materials, stickers, to air brushes.

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