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Share your restaurant's mainstay menu and promotions. Print tent cards to the specifications of your choice. XL Media provides printing variants of tent cards, including tent fold card triangles and tent insert sheet cards. Tent cards are paper displays that are folded so that they are triangular and can be set up on a table.

The most common tent card sizes are A4, A5 and A6, but can also be combined to suit your business needs. Tent card materials commonly used are artcarton starting from 210 gsm, 260 gsm, and 310 gsm because they tend to be thick but can still be folded to form a standing triangle.

Tent cards are generally found in restaurants, cafes and hotels with information in the form of special offers. Tent card designs are usually made from two sides of the front and back, to add to the uniqueness of the tent card can be given additional patch accessories made of the same material.

So don't hesitate to print your business tent card only at XL Media Printing guaranteed quality.

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