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A Business Card is a card that conveys information about a company or individual that is conveyed only as a reminder in a formal introduction. In general, business cards contain company names (including company logos) and postal addresses, telephone numbers, fax and email numbers, websites. business cards become mandatory for professionals because they can make it easier to formally introduce or convey identity and company. 

XL Media offers business card printing services using materials that are guaranteed quality. We offer business cards with a standard size of 9 x 5.5 cm. Business cards can be completed within the specified time or on the same day according to the number of print requests.

Print cheap business cards at XL Media, in addition to cheap, fast, practical prices for your business needs. At XL Media, you can get the business card you need. You can order without minimum order, the print quality is the best because it uses selected materials, materials and printing technology.

XL Media provides cheap prices for ordering your business card, depending on the optional material chosen. The price of business cards given at XL Media is fast and direct when you have chosen various card material options. In addition to the price of printing business cards at XL Media cheap, the size of the business cards provided also varies. The size of business cards provided at XL Media, there are various types of business card sizes that can be chosen, including business cards with a size of 8.5 x 5 cm and 9 x 5.5 cm and can be printed with 1 print side or 2 print sides.

Many types of paper can be used to print business cards, from art carton 260 & 310 gsm, BW 250 gsm, fancy via bright linen 298 gsm, via felt 298 gsm, everyday smooth bright 270 gsm, splendorgel 270 gsm, fancy eggshell mohawk 270 gsm , constellation snow 240 gsm, fancy metalic ice gold / silver 300 gsm. In addition to the choice of paper there is a choice of lamination to coat the layers of business cards, matte, glossy and can be non-laminated. For print angles that can be selected for printing these business cards are rounded and square. To beautify a business card, finishing a business card such as poly, spot UV, embossed, deboss, single wall and double wall.

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